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Pocomoke River Canoe Company

Pocomoke River Canoe Company - Snow Hill Maryland - convenient to Ocean City MD.

Canoeing the Pocomoke River from Snow Hill MD. The Pocomoke River Canoe Company offers an unsurpassed way to experience one of Delmarva's natural wonders.

Paddle gently in one of our Old Town canoes or kayaks through shady caverns of foliage. Novice or experienced paddlers will find the flatwater Pocomoke River a delight!

See the sun-dappled surface glisten as you paddle past fallen logs, clusters of pink or white blossomed water lilies, or the exposed "knees" of the bald cypress. The Pocomoke River corridor is home to the northernmost reaches of the cypress, and provides a selection of various wildlife species that are usually found only in more southern regions.

Watch carefully to see a bald eagle that may swoop overhead, or be startled by an osprey or great blue heron as it swooshes by. Egrets are often seen wading in the river's swampy reaches.

Notice sun-worshipping turtles basking on a log. The shy turtles retreat to the river if you approach too quickly. Playful otters streak by, diving and searching for their supper. Fish for the scrappy gar - our "freshwater marlin" - or for largemouth bass, catfish, shad, yellow and white perch, pickerels and eels.

Exercise your sense of wonder at the marvelous birds that flit through the undergrowth at the river's edge where white-tailed deer often pause to drink. Accept the challenge of the wind and tide on the open reaches of the river near the 300-year-old village of Snow Hill. You'll be glad you chose to come to the Eastern Shore, to Worcester County, to our Pocomoke River. Snow Hill MD and the Pocomoke River departure at the Canoe Company is within a 30 to 45 minute drive from Ocean City MD and other nearby Coastal Maryland and Delaware areas.

A day on the Pocomoke is a day in paradise.


Blue Heron atop a Cypress Tree - Pocomoke River Snow Hill, MD

Pocomoke River Canoe Company, Snow Hill MD

Turtle sunbathing on branch, Pocomoke River, Snow Hill MD
Pocomoke River Canoe Company
Paddling the Pocomoke River, Snow Hill MD,  from the Pocomoke River Canoe Company
Pocomoke River Canoe and Kayak, Snow Hill MD
2 River Street, Snow Hill MD 21863
Voice: 410-632-3971
Email: Canoe@PocomokeRiverCanoe.com